Classical music

Música clásica

Classical music (also called academic music) is the musical current that is based mainly on music produced or derived from the traditions of liturgical and secular music of the West, mainly Western Europe, and that has a fundamentally written transmission reference , which gives it a rigorous meaning and character for its reproduction or interpretation.

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Musical form

Forma musical

In music, musical form in its generic sense designates both a musical structure and a writing tradition that allows the musical work to be placed in the history of the evolution of musical creation. Added to a title of a work, the different musical forms such as symphony, concerto, prelude, fantasy, etc., then designate both a structure that has been built over time, and a particular musical genre, a musical composition that has evolved over centuries: opera, dance, etc.

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Musical intensity

Intensidad musical

Intensity in music is the quality that differentiates a soft sound from a loud sound. It depends on the force with which the sound body is played and the distance of the receiver from the sound source. It is one of the four essential qualities of articulated sound along with pitch, duration and timbre.

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Rhythm can be generally defined as a “movement marked by the regular succession of weak and strong elements, or of opposite or different conditions”. That is, a flow of movement, controlled or measured, sound or visual, generally produced by an arrangement of different elements of the medium in question.

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Musical height

Altura musical

In music, musical height is one of the four essential qualities of sound, along with duration, intensity, and timbre. This quality determines whether a sound is high-pitched or low-pitched, which will depend on the frequency at which the sound wave is repeated. The higher the repetition of the wave, the higher the sound will be and the lower the repetition, the lower the sound will be. For this reason, musical notes are determined by a frequency number. In psychoacoustics pitch is a parameter used to determine the perception of the pitch of a sound.

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