Since ever

My passion for music has come from my whole life, so from a very young age I felt attracted to this art, and at the age of 14 I began to play the piano in a self-taught way… later, at the age of 18, I would begin to be part of various formations , initially as a keyboard player, to later become a singer and keyboard player, and finally, years later, learn to play the electric bass, and start playing in bands as a bass player.

A thousand and one formations

Since I was 18 years old I have been playing in formations, which have more or less had a certain repercussion at a national level, among them Mitad Oscura, with whom I remained as a singer and keyboardist for a whopping 10 years, recording 4 demos and an album, more some live show that rolls on the web Also, for two consecutive years we became finalists of the Rock Villa de Madrid, which in those days was the spearhead for the formations that wanted to make a hole in the national scene.

Another of the bands with which I got quite an impact was with Arantaxia, being a singer and keyboardist of said formation, and with whom I recorded an album, Silencio, which received very good reviews from the press and the public, and with which the doors were opened to us. under contract with a record company. Unfortunately the band disbanded before the time could come.

Another formation that caused people to talk was Negras Visiones, also as a singer and keyboardist, and with whom I recorded an EP, Silencio, which can still be found on the web, and which I will soon post on my website. With Negras Visiones the quality was undeniable, and we practiced a metal that you couldn’t find here in Spain, a dark metal with progressive overtones, which the press liked a lot. But shortly after presenting the EP, the formation dissolved.

Before these formations I had made my musical first steps with various formations such as Spit Fire, Ego, Berserker… and a long etc.

Shortly after Negras Visiones disbanded, I decided to leave music, it was about 3 years, and, perhaps by chance, a friend was selling a bass kit that I decided to buy, and almost without meaning to I was already doing my first steps in Angels Storm, with whom I debuted as a bass player, and stayed with them for over a year.

Shortly after leaving Angels Storm I joined the ranks of Rock School, a high-quality cover band, with whom I had to get my act together to measure up. But the training did not last long due to internal causes.

I immediately started looking for a formation in which I could grow as a bass player, and I found it in Euphorian, a high quality hard rock band, with whom I took a giant step as a bass player, and I contributed my voice to the choirs. With Euphorian I started to grow as a bass player. The formation dissolved a year after joining, but it opened the doors for me to enter Black Back Band, since two of the members of Euphorian were in said formation.


Currently what I am currently doing with Higgs, with whom I combine my work as a bassist with that of a singer. More info in…

Black Back Band

I also combine my work at Higgs with one of the best AC/DC tribute bands you’re going to find, Black Back Band, with whom I work as bassist and backing vocals. More info in…


The last project I’m in is in the heavy/shock metal band Preacher. Here is the link to their Facebook channel…

Dino Rockys

And since I love children, Dino Rockys we bring rock and roll to the little ones, in the form of dinosaurs, children enjoy a lot. With Dino Rockys I sometimes play the bass, and other times I play the guitar. More information in the link.


I combine the rest of the bands with one of the best tributes to Metallica that you can find in this country, it is Metillica. You can see all the info in the link that I leave you.